Dragon Ball


The Project

This website will simply test whether there is demand for this project:

I want to create a digital repository of authentic Japanese Dragon Ball content.  I  will begin with the much-sought-after Dragon Boxes.  These will be DVD rips of Toei's release of all Dragon Ball Z GT episodes and movies.

  • Dragon Box
  • Dragon Box Z Vol 1
  • Dragon Box Z Vol 2
  • Dragon Box GT
  • Dragon Box The Movies

I will then move to the Daizenshuu, games, manga and soundtracks.  I want to make everything available for download for all fans, present and future.

Without demand, this project will not continue.  Please, spread the word to fans.


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Stealing food from the freezer LIKE A BOSS

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(by request) I made the game QWOP. AMA.

Ask me anything, but I make no guarantees about answering everything.

To answer the first question "why did you make it so hard?": I don't consider it all that hard. I can get halfway to the finish line, which is a hell of a lot further than I can get in Defender, or Pacman, or Pitfall, or just about any other score-based game. Your problem is the framing effect: you expect it to be easy to run 100m. But you probably don't expect it to be easy to clear a score-attack style game!

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Wasn’t me.

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My 17-yr-old sister is an undeniable badass.

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Turn Any Website into a Playable Version of Katamari Damacy

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This is the email that just landed me a $150k/yr job

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Some jerk stole my son’s communication device; I am not sure what to do.

My son, Sagan ( http://i.imgur.com/iZ3qC.jpg ), has cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia) and autism spectrum disorder. He is five and he cannot talk or walk by himself. We recently were able to get him an expensive ($3500+) communication device (Saltillo ALT-Chat http://www.saltillo.com/products/index.php?product=32&product_id=31). This device is very cool and provides him with a needed method for communications. Someone stole it from my truck last night. I picked him up from therapy yesterday and put the device in his bag of supplies in the row of seats behind me. It was a long day and I forgot to bring the bag in. We live in a middle class neighborhood in Chandler, AZ on a nice street, but sometime between last night and this morning someone broken in to my truck. They tossed my glove compartment and took his bag of supplies including the Saltillo device. The other supplies can be replaced, but it took 6 months to get the Saltillo device last time. All I want is the device back. We checked the garbage bins around in the neighborhood (found nothing), and then called the cops. My wife is very upset because the device cannot really be used for anything else and it is messed up that they stole it from my son. We had scheduled a class this morning to improve the setup of the device and now we are back to square one. I am not sure what else to do. I checked craigslist and eBay, but I have found nothing yet. Here is a picture of the box with the serial number information (http://i.imgur.com/m6XCS.jpg ). If you see this device show up, please let me know so that I can inform the police.

TLDR: Someone stole my son’s expensive communication device; I am not sure what to do…

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Look reddit, I know it’s fun to pretend to stick it to the man with the LV posts, but Nadia Plesner has a foundation for her cause and this hasn’t even been posted. Instead of circlejerking and pretending like we’re doing something, can we bring attention to her foundation and donate to her cause?

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IAMA French citizen and I had to go to the emergency room while visiting New York last month. The cost and quality of healthcare is outrageous!

I had some pain in the groin lately and so my doctor told me to get some ultrasound at a local clinic although he was pretty sure I was fine. So I went to the clinic and there the person in charge tells me that i have a hernia that could be lethal and that I must go to the emergency room immediately.

I'm a little worried but I go to the emergency room and there they make me wait on a bed for a while. A doctor comes in at some point and I show him the report from the clinic and tell him my whole story. He inspects me for 10 min and then tells me that I am fine and that I can go home. The clinic misdiagnosed me and I will be ok.

I'm very confused but I am relieved that I have nothing serious.

Two weeks later I get a bill of $2000 for that little visit to the emergency room. $2000 for a doctor to inspect me for 10 min and tell me that I am ok. $2000 because the clinic that made my ultrasound misdiagnosed me. The best is that they only give me 10 days to pay it.

I have insurance that covers me in France so I have to pay this $2000 bill and hope to get reimbursed by my insurance later when I get back home. I'm not too worried about this but I know that this is wrong and I find it amazing how expensive this all was. I don't know how people in America deal with this. I've had to get health care in many countries all over the world and the US is by far the most expensive and worst of all (Singapore was the best and cheapest by the way). I even suspect the misdiagnosis was done on purpose. I mean, the doctor at the ER could tell in less than 10 min that this was bullshit. I got so angry when I saw the bill I had the need to vent here.

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